Captain Benjamin Wolf

Name Benjamin Wolf

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

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Character Information

Full Name Benjamin Eugene Wolf, III
Nicknames & Aliases Ben, Benji
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 11, 2330
Age 49

Physical Attributes

Height 6'0"
Weight 167 lbs
Hair Color & Style Blonde, kept short
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description & Notable Features Athletic

Personal Statistics

Place of Birth Parker, Texas, United States
Hometown Dallas, Texas, United States
Hobbies & Interests Golf, skiing, rock climbing, orbital skydiving, drinking, gambling, holonovels, Parrises squares
Martial Skills Krav maga, Systema, Judo, Mok'bara, boxing, sword fighting

Weapon Proficiency: Bat'leth, mek'leth, kut'luch, Type-I phaser, TAP-SCN12 Type II Pulse Phaser Pistol (TAP-3 Type II)
Known Languages Federation Standard English (primary), Klingonese
Tastes - Favorite Beverages: Raktajino, bloodwine, Jack Daniels [a twist of lemon and a dab of honey]
- Favorite Foods: Scrambled eggs, racht with grapok sauce


Marital Status Married
Parents - Benjamin Eugene Wolf, Jr., father
- Sarah Ann Harding Wolf, mother (DECEASED)
Siblings - Elizabeth Lynn Wolf Sheridan, sister (DECEASED)
- Joseph Aaron Wolf, brother
- Ian Andrew Wolf, brother
Spouse - Miranda Charlotte Ewing Wolf, ex-wife
- Allian Star Bairn Wolf, wife
Children - Benjamin Eugene Wolf, IV, son (with Miranda)
- Alexander Liam Wolf, son (with Miranda)
- Ravynn Skye Wolf, daughter (with Allian)
Other Family - Benjamin Eugene Wolf, Sr., grandfather
- Elizabeth Annette Powell Wolf, grandmother (DECEASED)
- Alex Wolf, uncle
- Killian Alastor Wolf, uncle
- Nathan Thomas Sheridan, brother-in-law
- Ryan Louis Sheridan, nephew

Educational History 2336-2341 [Ages 6-11]: Federation Embassy of Qo'noS School
2341-2343 [Ages 11-13]: Armstrong Middle School
2343-2344 [Ages 13-14]: Archer Middle School
2344-2346 [Ages 14-16]: Pike Senior High School